Frequently Asked Questions

The current situation surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic has affected practically every individual and business – and we are no exception. We're an independent family-run business, and we are trying our absolute best to continue to serve our customers as best we can.

Please PLEASE do not email us unless you have to. We’re asking (begging) you to please read the new FAQs below before sending us an email. Our depleted customer service team are swamped with queries and are working through your messages as fast as they can.

The long and short of it is that we’ve seen an increase in orders, while simultaneously experiencing a reduction in staff, either to self-isolate, or to protect high-risk members of their family, which has also had a knock-on effect of slowing down our ability to winding our yarn, pick and pack your orders.

This moment we try rebuilding our website, as we would like to be more clear. Every night we are working with our technical team, and we add a new inform. We hope these changes will help us to be better for you.
Be patient, please! More info soon!

Skye Bazaar Team