WELCOME! (update on 03/06/2020)

WHO WE ARE We are a very small family Ombre Yarn Studio in Scotland, on a small Isle of Skye in the North of United Kingdom. For the last 4 years we have been hand winding our Skye Mandala Yarn for your projects! Please be aware that hand winding is a very time consuming process, therefore we strongly advise you to always check our current delivery time before you order a yarn from us! We understand that nobody likes to wait too long for the yarn, but we need some time to process it! We would like to thank you for all your orders! We are very happy working here for you and we love every single bit of it! However, recently we are receiving too many orders, so unfortunately you need to wait for your yarn much longer.
COVID-19 UPDATE Our Yarn Studio runs as normal – we are still winding our yarn and preparing parcels for you, but this cannot be done any faster, so please respect it!
CONTACT US ONLY via email: pengobrary@gmail.com We are trying to answer to all your messages as fast as we can, so please be patient! 

SOCIAL MEDIA We are NOT available to contact via Social Media until further notice!

ONLINE ORDERS: – currently we are dispatching within 7 to 45 WORKING DAYS* depending how many orders we have to process! - new orders are possible only for READY TO SHIP 250g/3ply yarn

*WORKING DAYS – Mon-Fri only, excluding weekends, Bank Holidays, Easter, Christmas & New Year. This means if you send your order on Friday night – we will take it to our hands on Monday morning - and Monday counts as a first working day (not the third!) Please note that we also need some holidays from time to time – dates are always being clearly advertised well in advance.  Next Day Orders – Temporarily Closed Visiting Shop – Temporarily Closed

MADE TO ORDER CAKES are NOT available until further notice! 

POLISH LANGUAGE Obecnie potrzebujemy od 7 do 45 ROBOCZYCH DNI w zależności od tego, ile zamówień mamy do wykonania. Nowe zamówienia dostępne są TYLKO na motki 250g/3ply, nie wykonujemy motków na zamówienie do odwołania! Motki MADE TO ORDER dostępne są tylko dla naszej grupy FB, po uzgodnieniu ze mną terminu wykonania i dostawy.

Jeżeli nie odpowiadam - to nie znaczy, że kogoś ignoruję, tylko, że nasza skrzynka z wiadomościami jest zasypana. Zamówienia nie uzgodnione muszą czekać w kolejce. Jeśli ktoś nie doczytał tych informacji lub nie zna j. angielskiego, jest opcja RETURN, REFUND, CANCEL - w razie problemów wysyłajcie wiadomość, postaramy odezwać się najszybciej jak to możliwe - nasz e-mail: pengobrary@gmail.com