MADE TO ORDER - Custom Design

Welcome, Cake Designers!

Every day we love winding thread for you! It's a very time-consuming process, so FIRST check our delivery time, please! We understand nobody like waiting for yarn to long, but we need some time for it! This moment - before X'mas we need 14-30 WORKING DAYS for processing!

If you like to try our yarn, you have to choose 3 or 4 threads, and length or weight of them (100-700 g). 

You will need: 100-150g for wall decorations, dream-catchers, doilies, gloves, etc., 200-350g for shawls, 400-500g for blankets, 600-700g for a big CALs.

If you wish to order your custom designed cake, choose up to eight colors from a variety of colors and go to MADE TO ORDER listing.

Put your color's set to a note in a cart, please!